The Vagabond Monkey

Once upon a time, a monkey met a vagabond…

This is how it all began…

When Audrey and John met in Albany, NY, in 2010, she lived in Philadelphia, PA; he lived in Charlotte, NC. Their path crossed rapidly and the odds that they both went on to live their lives were high.

Actually, that’s exactly what happened.

But that wouldn’t make a good story, would it? And that would be counting without life’s strange sense of humor, which is the kind that both Audrey and John shared. As well as their love for photography.

So, it’s no wonder that, seven years later, they reconnected… on Instagram! In the meantime, Audrey had become a digital nomad, based in France, and John had pursued a successful career as a videographer.

They quickly discovered that they had both been bitten by the travel bug and after sharing stories of their respective trips to Patagonia, Tibet, the Greek islands and other road-trips across the United States, they came to the conclusion that they had to share a trip. A couple of months later, John was on a plane to Barcelona and they were roaming around Europe together.

Audrey, the Vagabond, and John, the Monkey, share a quirky sense of humor, passion for photography and travels but also a deeply rooted disapproval of mass-tourism and over-crowded areas.

With their first trip together, the were able to achieve a perfect balance around all these elements. I was too good not be shared. So, they decided to create The Vagabond Monkey in order to open their photography and story-creating adventures around the world to more people. They now organize three to five trips every year and share those journeys with a small number of like-minded people.

Meet the Vagabond Monkey

Audrey Julienne

Audrey Julienne

The Vagabond

🇫🇷🇺🇸 | Exploring the 🌎 and experiencing everything yummy and beautiful along the way | Life is a cabaret 🎩

John Disher

John Disher

The Monkey

🇺🇸 | Documentary filmmaker. Traveler.